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    Liaoning Yun Fan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.   Tel : +86 024 5317 9286   [ 中文版 ]

      Liaoning Yun-Fan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, when its name was Yun-Fan hardware factory, the present name was used in August, 2011. Gradually, the factory developing from an individual small workshop to a science technology company in 14 years, which including agricultural equipment res...

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    Liaoning Yun Fan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    Address : Gu Shan Zi ying e men Town Village Qingyuan Manchu Autonomous County
    Tel : +86 024 5317 9286
    Phone : 133 2213 9953
    Contacts : Mr Tan
    Email : 1063705607@qq.com
    Website : www.liseeder.com

    Host unit : Liaoning Yun Fan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    Liao ICP preparation 12345678  Technical support : Fushun Hongrui science and technology
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